How it all started...

In late 2003, under the Lord’s leading and his pastor’s blessing, Scott Beauchamp resigned as associate pastor of the Vineyard Church in Springfield. He and his family had been greatly impacted by the prayer movement. As he was fasting, praying and asking the Lord if Kansas City was perhaps the next place for his family, he had an encounter with God. Lou Engle held a meeting in Springfield in September of 2004. During that meeting Lou prayed and declared over Scott, "God give him a dream!" That night the Lord gave him a dream to start the house of prayer. Several encounters and supernatural confirmations later, the HOP Springfield was born.

The House of Prayer officially began in May 5, 2005 as a “Prayer Room” and mission base comprised of passionate followers of Christ pursuing spiritual change in the atmosphere of our city, state, nation and world through worship, fasting, prayer, and outreach. We have since grown and transitioned into a local church body with those same goals, while still housing and facilitating a prayer room dynamic. We endeavor to represent all the generations and stand up for the generations yet to come.

We place high value on community, prayer and relationship (CPR), believing that it in this context that fruitful Kingdom ministry is best accomplished. We corporately desire and seek to operate in the authority of the Holy Spirit in all dimensions of prayer, spiritual warfare, prophetic worship and intercession, signs and wonders, hospitality and the pursuit of justice in the earth through acts of service and mercy, both locally and globally.

We desire to equip people to experience the transforming power of Gods love as well as to be agents of transformation to those around them. We are on a journey to grow in Love, meekness and revelation. We strongly emphasize the First and greatest commandment to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and the second, to love our neighbor as ourselves. Although we are far from perfect we are following the perfect leader, Christ Jesus and believe that He is our great reward.


  • We desire to be a multi-cultural and multi-generational assembly of whole-hearted lovers of God. Partnering together to serve Him with our lives locally and in world missions.
  • To equip people for spiritual growth, by sparking deeper passion for Jesus through building relationships, mentorship, prayer, worship and development of intimacy and hearing God’s voice.
  • To develop and strengthen a lifestyle of prayer and intimacy for believers and foster unity throughout the church and vicinity of Greater Springfield.
  • To facilitate a supernatural ministry environment conducive to physical and emotional healing, deliverance, accompanying signs and wonders as the Holy Spirit leads
  • To be prescense-centric  in our daily lives and corporate gatherings in order to empower the church to be extravagant lovers of God.
  • To partner with Jesus in the Greater Commission through serving among the poor and those considered unlovely.
  • To help develop prophetic maturity and impartation through the context of training and equipping in New Testament model of prophetic ministry.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10:00am